10 Questions to Find The Best Divorce Lawyer

No one thinks about their marriage dissolving, but it happens. However you arrived here, Hudson Family Law knows going through a divorce is painful. Finding a lawyer who meets your needs shouldn’t add to the difficulty.

Where to start

Google. We know the tech company is where most people go to find solutions to their problems, but it’ll take more than reading a top five list to find the best match. You have to get personal. Ask your prospective divorce lawyer the tough questions – treat it like a get-to-know-you because it is.

Divorce can be messy. You want the right person handling the private, and at times, complicated details of your life, not the first person you find on a list.

Ask questions

Interview your way to the best divorce lawyer. That sounds intimidating, right. Are we asking you to take lawyers out to hour-long lunches on Palm Beach Island? Of course not.

Our team has put together a list of 10 questions to ask the lawyer you’d like to have handle your divorce. Whether your prospects are from an online list or were retrieved by word of mouth, ask them the same questions, and take note of how the get-to-know-yous go.

Start with the basics

Hudson Family Law is an innovative firm, so we know a lawyer with five years of experience can contribute quality, but always ask a prospect about their background.

1. How much experience do you have in divorce law?
2. Why do you practice in this area?
3. What are your other practice areas or specialties?

Asking these first three questions gives you the opportunity to better understand a lawyer’s motives and their level of expertise. Because a divorce attorney functions like a confidant, these introductory questions open the door to a relationship.

Understand your role and the lawyer’s role

Things are going well. Like Lise Hudson, the prospect has more than 30 years of experience and wants to make your divorce as simple as possible. Now what do you ask?

4. How involved may I be in my case?
5. Why should I use an attorney instead of doing things myself?

Now, get personal

Finding the right attorney is not a “one size fits all” game. Hudson Family Law knows that, which is why we want to help you find a professional who is qualified and understands your individual goals.

Every case is different.

6. What will my case cost, and how do I control the costs associated with my divorce?
7. What am I really going to get in this divorce?
8. What is the process for receiving a divorce, and how long will each step take?
9. When will my divorce end, and what happens after?

Navigating these more personal questions may feel overwhelming, especially because money and time are involved, but getting this intimate with a prospective lawyer is necessary. Having clarity at the start of the process will create a blueprint for success.

What about the kids

Protecting children from trauma brought on by divorce is important to Hudson Family Law. If you have kids, make your prospective lawyer aware.

Do you want your children left out of the divorce? This is the last question we recommend you ask:

10. How can I stop my spouse from involving our children in this divorce?

You have found a match

By the time you arrive at question 10, you will have learned quite a bit about your prospective divorce lawyer and their practice. If you are unsatisfied with the first person you’ve interviewed, speak with another lawyer.

Unlike a spouse, a divorce attorney isn’t meant to be around forever, but a terrible one can make the unknowns of divorce more complicated than a failing marriage.

We’d love to get on your list of prospective trusted legal professionals. Call Hudson Family Law at 561-472-0805 and we’ll answer all of your tough questions.