A Civilized Divorce?

A Civilized Divorce can be an expensive, agonizing, and lengthy process. Even the family pets become an issue over which acrimonious couples argue. However, now many people want to take a different path during this difficult time and are asking: “Isn’t there another way?”

Yes, there is.

A growing trend across the United States is something called the “collaborative divorce process”. This system was specifically designed for people who want divorce without WAR. The process works so that each party signs an agreement stating that each will work with their attorneys to peacefully and with integrity address the painful and difficult choices each is required to make instead of duking it out in the court room.

To begin this process, the parties each engage counsel who will work together to draft a collaborative agreement outlining how the process will work. The attorneys work together with the parties in a closed process where all necessary financial and other information is obtained, but remains confidential. With the help of counsel, each side of the “team” raises the issues about which they are concerned. The goal of the process is to encourage each party to openly discuss issues involving their children, their finances, and the loss of their relationship. Once all of the questions are answered, the parties and attorneys jointly work to create a written settlement agreement that will be filed in an uncontested proceeding and approved by a Judge.

The collaborative process is not an “all or nothing” process. If a party changes his or her mind they may end the collaborative process and choose the traditional route of litigation. However, at this juncture, BOTH PARTIES must hire new attorneys and begin a traditional case. This “loss” is the incentive to keep the parties motivated to work it out.

Should you have any further questions about the collaborative divorce process or simply have questions regarding how the law protects you in a divorce, please contact us at Hudson Family Law. AT HUDSON FAMILY LAW our Mission for twenty-five years has been to help our clients: RESOLVE, REBUILD AND RESTORE

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