Understanding Florida Child Support Law

The laws and regulations surrounding child support in Florida are outlined in Title VI, Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes entitled; Dissolution of Marriage, Support and Time Sharing. A common misconception when it comes to child support is that the law dictates a fixed amount that’s used across every divorce in Palm Beach Gardens and the rest of the state.

That is not the case at all. Instead, the actual amount can fluctuate based on a variety of factors including but not limited to; the income of each spouse, the number of children, special needs of children, healthcare and other insurance coverage and so forth. While in most cases child support payments fall within the guidelines set forth in Chapter 61, the presiding judge has the authority to allow a payment amount to fall outside the boundaries of the law should they deem it necessary given the circumstances. A child with special needs that require expensive treatment and care or a parent with an extraordinary income would be examples of when a judge could exceed the boundaries set forth by the law.

The amount set by the judge is not a static amount either. A change of situation could allow a lawyer to petition the court for a higher or lesser payment depending on the circumstance. For instance, should the spouse paying child support lose their job, a judge can lessen the payments until that person finds new employment.

In many cases of divorce and child support in Palm Beach Gardens, having a lawyer with experience arguing for the best interests of the children becomes extremely valuable. A knowledgeable attorney is well equipped to construct a strong argument as to why a spouse deserves a certain monthly child support payment. A 2011 amendment to the child support law in Florida made it significantly harder for people to evade child support through such means as underemployment or not fully disclosing their financial situation as that was not an uncommon practice.

When you place your trust in a skilled divorce attorney in Palm Beach Gardens such as Lise Hudson at Hudson Family Law, you are taking a great step in protecting your family’s financial situation. Raising a child as a single parent is difficult enough without having to constantly worry about receiving enough child support. Lise Hudson has helped countless people through divorce and child support proceedings and is dedicated to providing quality representation for her clients. Call today at (561) 472-0805 for a consultation!