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Marriage Is Complicated.
Your Divorce Doesn't Have To Be.

Why choose Hudson Family Law?

Knowledge and Experience; The Winning Combination

With over 30 experience, Lise Hudson has litigated hundreds of cases and zealously represented clients just like you. Judgment, perseverance, innovation, and sophistication are cornerstones for the firm and the building blocks for the strategies employed on each case. Based upon our in-depth evaluation, the assets, liabilities, and desires of each client are identified and strategically targeted for maximum results.


Invest in Your Future

Informing yourself early regarding the law and the issues that may arise in your divorce or case is important. Hiring a lawyer who is imminently qualified to educate you on and navigate you through that process is invaluable.


Advancing Your Case.

Through exhaustive investigation and research, the Firm reviews all financial and other documentation related to your dissolution or other matter. You will be provided with a comprehensive plan and a summary of how the Firm intends to proceed to achieve the best possible future outcome for you.


Preparing For Success.

To be successful, you must see yourself successful. We create a blueprint for our clients so that they can see their success. Once in hand, we embark on the path laid out. Your customized plan is executed with calculated precision and decisive efficiency to bring you into a most noteworthy future.


Achieving Victory.

Your greatest investment is you. Taking the time to fully and exhaustively consider all options and goals with our clients provides our client’s with one of our most invaluable services – the investment in a hope-filled future. 

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Attorneys are not “one size fits all.” Finding a professional who is qualified and who understand the goals and factors that contribute to the complexity of the case is THE most important decision made by a party.

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