In this election year, when astonishment has turned to amazement, and the most seasoned candidates are anything but a sure thing, Hillary Clinton’s marriage and Donald Trump’s divorce(s) have become fair game for political commentary. Critics of the Democratic front-runner cite her willingness to remain with former President, Bill Clinton, during and after the public melee regarding his affair with Monica Lewinsky as a sign that she enabled her husband’s predatory behavior. Critics of the Republican front-runner claim his current rhetoric regarding ugly women and female reporters, coupled with damaging comments made during his prior two divorces, as evidence of a hard-core misogynist. Is marriage and divorce really this political? Simply put; yes.

Although many relationships are not subject to the high scrutiny of public office, there is some level of scrutiny that takes place in every relationship. As I have previously written, seemingly innocuous comments or decisions in a marriage may become time bombs in a divorce. All communication between parties prior to, during, and after a divorce must be filtered. Even casual conversations are used as materiel by skilled attorneys to advance their client’s cause.

Further, a party’s physical appearance is as critical as the representations made in court. Non-verbal communication telegraphs whether a party is truthful, afraid, lying, or belligerent. Slovenly dress, inarticulate answers, or worse, arguing with the judge may tilt the court’s decision in another party’s favor. These factors are weighed by every judge in reaching a conclusion, therefore, it is imperative for a party to maintain a respectful and solemn demeanor at all times. It is even more critical in cases involving minor children.

Sensitizing a client to the perceptions of others is the art of politics in divorce.

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